We Day 2010!

So, this is my first post!  Umm well, i just want to start things off by saying that, I attended We Day yesterday in Toronto and it was AMAZING!  i looooovvvveeeedddd it!      I also went last year when JUSTIN BIEBER went!  But this year, Greyson Chance Went…he is AMAZING!   I love him ❤         He has such an amazing voice and he played the piano too!        he rocks!    check him out on youtube singing fire..amazing.     My new Justin Bieber..well maybe not that far. (YET!)       And..My favorite band DOWN WITH WEBSTER was there too!      they sang your man and whoa is me (myy favvvv!)     I had a great time!  I was very inspired by all the speaches, one of my favories being Spencer west.. He is soo awsome (: Ummm. well I guess that is all about me to we this year..Hope I get to go next year!  (maybe greyson will be there 😛 )

I am reading ‘If I Stay’ right now, it is an amazing book!       Just wanted to say that (:

Umm..So i know that this is a pretty short first blog post, but I will add more detail next time! (:           Write again soon!

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